Breastfeeding Stories

Guest Story: On Breastfeeding Twins

This breastfeeding story comes from Janet, at Love is Blonde. I love how she’s been able to find a balance even though her breastfeeding relationship didn’t turn out the way she had planned. Also honesty. I always love honesty!  Check out this excerpt, and head over to her blog for the whole story! I admit…

My Breastfeeding Journey… So Far

Today’s guest post comes to us from Theresa, who blogs at Confessions of a High-Heel Wearing Hippie Mommy I’m breastfeeding twins. Exclusively. It’s actually really easy. But it hasn’t always been this easy! My first foray into breastfeeding was with my son, a singleton. I knew before he was born that there might be issues….

Q & A

Managing Solo: Juggling Multiples Alone

In the early days, we hope you have some extra help around the house. Your partner, mom, or postpartum doula can help position babies for breastfeeding, and can help with burping, rocking, and of course, diaper changes. But chances are, at some point you’ll need to manage both babies by yourself.

Breastfeeding Nutrition: Eating for Three

While you were pregnant, you probably paid attention to what you ate – maybe ensuring that you didn’t go too long between meals or that you were getting enough protein in your diet.  Once the babies are born, it’s easy to loose track of your own nutrition as you focus on feeding your new babies….